General Hire

We offer a range of packages depending on your event, whether it's a bucks, birthday or large event each is tailored to suit the occasion. Put simply the prices depends of the amount of time you play for and can vary based on group size and location, general prices are below but drop us an enquiry for a full quote for your specific event.


Quick KickZ

Enjoy 1 hour of ultimate bubble soccer playing a range of games including bull rush, last man standing and bubble soccer. Included are 10 bubble suits, an events coordinator and all equipment for your bubble soccer experience. All you need to do it book a date, time and location then strap yourself in for an insane amount of fun.

Game Time: 1 Hour
Group Size: 8-16

Bucks and Hen's

Bubble Soccer is the perfect fun filled event for your Bucks or Hen's party. You'll have a day to remember seeing your mates go head to head in a bubble battle as you bump and bounce around the pitch creating a seriously awesome day to remember. We'll make sure you have heaps of fun playing soccer, bull-dog and other games.

Game Time: 1.5 hours
Group Size: 10+ (up to 25)

Kids Party's

Looking for something safe but seriously fun for a children's birthday? We'll have the he kids bumping and bouncing around with their friends playing a mix of action packed games.

Game Time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Group Size: 8 - 25

Corporate Events

No Ties Required. Unbutton the shirt and go head to head with your colleagues in a battle of the best. Whether it's team building, a product launch or some entertainment for a corporate function we can tailor a package to suit you. We'll provide an events coordinator to organise the event so you can sit back and enjoy the fun.

Game Time: 2 - 4 Hours
Group Size: Unlimited 

Community & Sport Events

Bubble Soccer is the must have attraction to add to any community or sports event. Whether you'll adding some entertainment to warm-up and half time of a sports event, or looking to add some fun to your community event Bubble soccer is the ultimate addition to your day.

Game Time: 2 - 4 Hours
Group Size: Unlimited 

Custom Packages

We're committed to providing a package to suit every occasion. If you're planning an event or function and want something that offers fun and atmosphere that everyone young or old will enjoy get in touch to see how we can help you.

Please contact us for a prices 

All our hire packages are supported by an events coordinator and all the equipment for your ultimate bubble experience.

Still not sure what Package is right for you? We provide Bubble Soccer for Corporate Event, Sports Events, Birthdays, Bucks or Hens Day, Team Building, Community Events, Festivals, School Events, Family Fun Days. Fundraiser, Event Opening, Product Launch, Xmas Party's, Other. Get in touch below with your enquiry.